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He was brought in, heavy-featured and defiant, his arms bound with cocoanut sennit, the dry blood still on his body from the struggle with his captors.
Ranged side by side with the bold, defiant eyes of the girl before him, he saw Ruth's clear, luminous eyes, like a saint's, gazing at him out of unplumbed depths of purity.
He looked at her with serious eyes, but she responded with that defiant, half-mirthful, half-desperate look, the meaning of which he could not comprehend.
Her iron-grey hair hung in heavy bands on either side of her face--her dark eyes looked straight forward, with a hard, defiant, implacable stare.
The tone of her voice was as hard, as defiant, as implacable as the expression of her eyes.
Not a muscle of her stirred--the hard, defiant, implacable stare in her eyes never wavered for an instant.
She could not call the colour that had left it back to her face, but she had steadied her voice, she had recovered the defiant self-possession of her manner when she answered me.
she cried, with something between a furious menace and an effort at a defiant dance.
A very remarkable wavering between two bearings--between her propitiatory bearing there, and her defiant bearing at Mr Twemlow's--was observable on the part of Mrs Lammle as she said:
Mrs Lammle, settling into her defiant manner, pushed her plate away, looked at her husband, and laughed; but by no means gaily.
When Zossimov said "This is Raskolnikov" he jumped up quickly, sat on the sofa and with an almost defiant, but weak and breaking, voice articulated:
Luzhin stood still, waiting with a defiant and offended face.