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Syrian President Bashar Al Assad defiantly vowed to fight and die if needed as an Arab League deadline for his government to stop its lethal crackdown on protesters expired with 20 more people killed.
Businessman Herman Cain has defiantly denied sexual harassment allegations against him and vowed they would not force him to withdraw from the race for the 2012 Republican US presidential nomination.
He also defiantly stressed ministers would not be giving in to pressure to change Ireland's 12.
THE Spanish government defiantly ruled out calling early elections, despite having almost no parliamentary support for spending cuts designed to combat the country's debt crisis.
ANDY Murray defiantly insisted his grand slam prospects are better than ever after Andy Roddick ended his Wimbledon run in the semi-finals.
MOBIUS BAND - HEAVEN AMERICA'S Mobius Band's defiantly uncommercial vibe manifests itself in the twinning of retro electronica and shoegazing guitars.
Their self-titled debut defiantly pays homage to the likes of The Jam and The Clash and, on Strife, tips its hat to The Libertines.
Government employee Abdel-Qader Ali, 46, from Basra, southern Iraq, defiantly boasted of killing 17-year-old Rand for bringing shame on their family.
THIS week's GOB (Grumpy Old Bag) slot may sound prudish but, hey, I'm willing to harrumph my bosom defiantly and take the flak.
Sub Ivan Balianda netted for Cumnock in 47 minutes but Buffs defended defiantly to progress.
However, Kevorkian, who defiantly boasted of assisting in over 130 deaths, has shown no remorse or repentance for his actions.
An enthralling story about a schoonerman who spurned excessive changes in modern boats and defiantly remained passionate about the type of vessel he loved, until he was almost literally the last of his breed.