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However, Kevorkian, who defiantly boasted of assisting in over 130 deaths, has shown no remorse or repentance for his actions.
An enthralling story about a schoonerman who spurned excessive changes in modern boats and defiantly remained passionate about the type of vessel he loved, until he was almost literally the last of his breed.
During a panel discussion at the Summer Television Critics Association tour in 2005, Aaron McGruder -- creator of the popular ``Boondocks'' comic strip -- defiantly told the audience that he used the n-word as much as he pleased in his comic strip and in his series on the Cartoon Network's ``Adult Swim.
PAUL LE GUEN last night defiantly continued to refuse to explain why he axed Alan McGregor and brought back wandering French goalkeeper Lionel Letizi.
Nikki Eaton is a reporter who sports a punk hairstyle and is defiantly unapologetic about her open relationship with a married man, separated from his wife.
But the mood among the players at the Riverside remains defiantly upbeat with a potential last four place in the offing.
For one thing, that defiantly vernacular vinyl is gone, replaced by sign-painter's enamel deployed in tandem with good old-fashioned oil paint.
Young protesters stood on the roof of the synagogue, defiantly waving Israeli flags.
Forced almost to the brink of bankruptcy by their parent company, the owners of GRK Fasteners defiantly refused to give up on their Thunder Bay operation.
Like those innovators, Givens creates art that--while defiantly the product of a black, gay, urban artist--bears almost zero relation to the music (house, R&B, hip-hop) one might anticipate based solely on his personal stats.
Each year, each morning, we say boldly, defiantly, hopefully: I am baptized
A month after the brouhaha began, Watts defiantly faced angry investors demanding an explanation.