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A deficiency, misappropriation, or defalcation; a minus balance; something wanting.

Deficit is commonly used to mean any kind of shortage, as in an account, a number, or a balance due. Deficit spending or financing involves taking in less money than the amount that is paid out.


Federal Budget.


n. a shortage, less than is due, or in the case of a business or government budget, more expenditures than income. Unbalanced budgets with a planned year-end deficit are prohibited at every level of government except the federal.


noun absence, arrears, balance to pay, dearth, default, deficiency, financial shortage, inadequacy, insufficiency, lack, loss, meagerness, omission, overdraft, paucity, scantiness, scarcity, shortage, shortness
See also: arrears, debt, decrement, deficiency, delinquency, due, insufficiency, need, poverty

DEFICIT. This Latin term signifies that something is wanting. It is used to express the deficiency which is discovered in the accounts of an accountant, or in the money in which he has received.

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In October, the Administration announced a 2006 deficit of $248 billion, missing its projection for this year by, let's see, only $764 billion.
Enders and Bong-Soo (1990) developed at two-country micro-theoretic model consistent with the Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis that deficit are not twin.
Final Eurostat data showed that Bulgaria ended 2009 with a deficit of 4.
The Clinton administration argues that higher tax rates on "the rich" would raise overall national saving by reducing the deficit.
California has accomplished a nearly two-year borrowing which, together with short-term notes in place for this year and anticipated for next year, is intended to provide sufficient cash to carry the state until its stated deficit is erased and external borrowing over the fiscal year-end is no longer necessary.
Over the long haul, patients hospitalized for schizophrenia stand a greater chance of returning to the hospital and sinking into social isolation if they suffer from deficit symptoms, assert Wayne S.
An alternative test for substantial economic effect, called a qualified income offset, provides for a limited deficit restoration obligation but generally does not require contributions to satisfy other partners' positive capital accounts.
As per media reports State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has said in its report that during the period of July to March in the fiscal year 2015 current account deficit declined by 1.
BEIRUT: Central Bank figures said that Lebanon's balance of payments posted a deficit of $289.
Earlier in the day the administration had released budget numbers showing that the deficit was $248 billion for the fiscal year ending September 30, which was well below the $423 billion deficit the administration had forecast in the budget it submitted to Congress in February.
WASHINGTON -- America's trade deficit showed a slight improvement as strong global growth pushed U.