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9) Tax defiers have challenged the validity of the Sixteenth Amendment with arguments ranging from alleging its improper ratification to asserting that it did not cure the problem of income taxes being impermissible non-apportioned "direct taxes" on property.
With respect to the ratification argument, tax defiers posit that the Sixteenth Amendment was never properly ratified and therefore not part of the Constitution.
With regard to the impermissible "direct tax" argument, many tax defiers have held that federal income taxes are unconstitutional because, notwithstanding the Sixteenth Amendment, they are "direct taxes" that must be apportioned among the states in accordance with the census.
Yet, tax defiers have continued over the years to beat their heads against the walls of this judicial rejection of their argument.
The whistle signalling the last day of action shrills at 3pm on Sunday when United, the great defiers of logic, confront a stubborn bunch of Toffeemen at Goodison Park with fading Champions League dreams ready to flicker into life.
The Tax Division has assisted the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in tracking down tax cheats who use offshore accounts, combating abusive tax shelters, stopping tax defiers and shutting down tax schemes and scams.
In addition to our substantial success in combating offshore banking, abusive shelters, tax defiers and tax schemes and scams, the division has had several major victories against taxpayers taking aggressive tax positions:
The Tax Defier Initiative, which the Tax Division announced in April 2008, targets persons who attempt to undermine our entire tax system.
The success rate in tax defier prosecutions is very high:
THE Vipers of Newcastle, Elite League defiers existing on a pittance, will reach the climax of their Drive For 5 campaign this weekend to much trumpeting and beating of drums.
The left-wing group warns in a report this month that violencetinged radicals are riding the wave of rightist anger: "Almost a decade after largely disappearing from public view, right-wing militias, ideologically driven tax defiers and sovereign citizens are appearing in large numbers around the country.
Another pair of gravity defiers not only walk upside down on the coliseum roof, they even get in a game a badminton.