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After being married and widowed at 13, Koly courageously defies India's rigid gender roles.
In the late 800s, Flaed defies the traditional role for women and emerges as the greatest heroine in Old English military history.
For a Catholic bishop to be similarly taken in, however, almost defies belief.
We have San Jose defying the controlled-substance laws (``Santa Cruz defies DEA on medical marijuana,'' Sept.
For the jury to believe he was never aware of the health risks of smoking and therefore should be compensated for his decision to smoke simply defies credibility and common sense," said Ohlemeyer.
It defies logic that the district is being asked to administer tests to students who can't even comprehend the language,'' Friedman said.
BidVantage clearly defies that premise, and because of our revolutionary technology, we too can assure product quality without limiting the number of sellers, which results in lower prices for buyers.
The FDA action defies decades of Congressional and FDA declarations that the agency has no jurisdiction over tobacco products, said Steve Parrish, Philip Morris Companies Inc.