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From Table 6, by using suggested modified approximations, the degree of definability of all these subsets is increased.
This shows that (row)-rank finiteness is a much weaker assumption than any definability assumption.
Viewed in this way, the aesthetic imagination regarding being sexual, just like its artistic counterpart, must of necessity constantly seek out novel transgressive ground from which to challenge dominant contemporary notions of acceptability and definability.
Existence and Definability of States of the World", Mathematical Social Science, 49.
Such derivatives entail the definability of something in the future even before it comes into existence; and through these contracts, expectations about the time to come are treated as if they were already sufficiently actualized to be exchanged.
On the other hand, the provability of T-sentences matters very much and the role of this fact has the best illustration in the problem of the definability of the T-predicate.
does definability come to an end and the respect of the apeiron (boundless, undefined) come into its own, which of course in itself means the impossibility of all definition and comprehensibility but also, positively, that this indefinably manifold thing means the same thing for Dasein [the human being], that it is indifferent to the manifold of the particular things that belong to it.
Utopianism's mythic delineations reveal historical nationhood's own lack of definability and suggest that such teleological definition may be incompatible with historical materiality.
The unique design of Jaygo's Vee Blender provided important benefits to the customer including increased blender shell strength and enhanced discharge and definability.
Logical Definability and Query Languages over Unranked Trees.
In The Fetal Position: A Rational Approach to the Abortion Issue (Prometheus 2010), University of Southern Mississippi professor of philosophy and religion Chris Meyers challenges the very definability of that moment.
Among the topics are the Ershov hierarchy, definability in the real universe, experiments on an internal approach to typed algorithms in analysis, and reverse mathematics and well-ordering principles.