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Both the strategy of the ad campaign and the progressively sleek car style seek to reach the 25 - 35 year old buyer that is definably tech-savvy and forward thinking.
The championship now has a new look becoming a single-class series and is definably the time to see an Arab racer shine in Formula racing.
But one thing is definably certain: advanced manufacturing will be the key to the longevity and success of many Regional Detroit manufacturing companies.
All three figures are dressed in definably middle-class clothing, including caps, suspenders, jackets, vests, and ties.
Although more than two million tourists flock here every year, the resort remains definably French, perhaps because it is a proper working town.
In any case, the role of American values, technology and institutions in shaping an Australia that was definably modern was critical: we are not just the product of a European inheritance.
Yet Stevenson remained on the job, speaking for a cause definably not his own, for a president he did not like, and refused to join the dissenters while giving the impression he would dissent if he could.
Maintenance of such properties has always been dependent on large domestic staffs, and labour is now not only much more expensive, but also far less willing to assume such definably subservient posts.
Foreign musicologists who have written on Zelenka's Capriccios and Sonatas or characterised his music in general, have speculated that the composer's musical imagination owed much to his native environment, a definably Slavonic and specifically Czech folk musicality.
While we agree that all primary healthcare professionals have an important role to play in spiritual care, we firmly believe that the specific roles of the various professionals are not the same, and are, in fact, definably distinet.