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Fresh'' in a product name, or in phrases like "freshly baked,'' has no defined meaning.
Due to the material effects of the lawsuit, this newly encoded meaning of space, more specifically urban planning, is imbued with social justice language thereby allowing for social justice to be in the discourse with/against the dominantly defined meaning.
But in fact, the label currently has no officially defined meaning, which has led the producers of grass-fed meat - primarily beef, but also lamb and bison - to seek USDA certification standards.
With our reason and rational thought, we humans often demand that the days of our lives have meaning, and that all events, even suffering, have a defined meaning.
His research also shows that the "races" are but temporary phases in a constant process of human mixing, and that "race" has no objectively defined meaning.
Personalized Knowledge Collaboration and Delivery - SERglobalBrain delivers customized, personalized information that fits a specific context or defined meaning.
Similarly, meat packages proclaiming the product is "lean" or "extra lean" have no defined meaning at all.
Second, while this defined meaning of discovery can reach the case of pure profits from arbitrage opportunities known on the basis of information readily available at a given time, or in a single period context, can this defined meaning of discovery reach the case of pure profits from capital investment opportunities known on the basis of forecasts made in the face of uncertainty in a multiperiod context?
Terms such as "energy independence" and "oil addiction" are frequently used without any clear, defined meaning.
In "The Pulpit, the Rostrum, and the Bar," Jean Starobinski shows how France's orators, up to the last century, defined meaning by exhortation - first the church's, then the revolution's, and finally the law's - until mass media books, newspapers, photographs, and films, muted its eloquence.
However, deviation itself is not intrinsically immoral or pathological; rather, it is inferred from a culturally defined meaning.
Note that "pro forma" has no defined meaning under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.