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When done thoughtfully, such strategies are neither easy nor necessarily reductive and they reenact some of the critical processes that "create" movements in the first place (organizing, comparing, synthesizing, defining, and so on).
Defining features: Tattoos on left and upper right arms
9) The areas identified in FTB Notice 94-5 are (1) defining the beginning and the end of the manufacturing process; (2) clarifying the determination of who is a "qualified taxpayer"; (3) providing specific rules applicable to "turn-key" and other fixed-price construction contracts; (4) further defining "recycling"; (5) further defining "research and development"; (6) clarifying the reporting requirements applicable to successor leases; (7) defining "capitalized labor costs"; (8) defining binding contracts, including option contracts; and (9) further defining special purpose buildings.
However, the agents and manufacturers quoted in the recent MANA study seemed much more interested in defining their working relationship in terms that would be mutually productive.
Zone based design for defining laminate specifications and requirements.
V9 makes it easier for engineers to design entire piping systems through an all-new user interface with right-click functionality, multiple views, docking toolbars, a tree view, a modern spreadsheet for defining complete piping systems and more.
were the first to recognize the potential at Navidad and have played key roles in defining a style of mineralized system that was previously unrecognized in Patagonia.
Montgomery Partners is the business unit that specializes in defining and delivering alternative investment strategies designed specifically to complement core portfolio holdings.
They provide a means for defining the structure, content and semantics of XML documents.
The Massachusetts-based MSP Association, launched in June at PC Expo in New York, will define and promote the management service provider industry by providing a forum for discussion of industry issues, creating market education programs, sponsoring industry research and defining standards and best practices.
It has been described as providing 80% of the benefit of SGML with 20% of the effort and it is being embraced by a broad cross-section of the industry as the right language for defining the APIs necessary to make business software components talk to each other.