definite procedure

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So it helps in the operative planning of definite procedure based on cytology.
An FOI law responds to this by clarifying the scope of and exceptions to available information, by providing the definite procedure for requesting and being given access to information, and by imposing administrative or criminal liability for the violation of a citizen's right to information," the coalition said.
Fayyad stressed that forming a new Cabinet was "a practical and definite procedure which will help Palestinians to achieve reconciliation," Wafa said.
Fayyad stressed that forming a new government is a practical and definite procedure which will help Palestinians to achieve reconciliation.
Can comply by providing a definite procedure for handling claims, including providing a written explanation of any denial of benefits.
We had a definite procedure to follow on instrument take-offs.
There is no definite procedure to participate in the elaboration of international policies by international organizations.
Over the course of this roughly two-hundred-year period, he argues, the inner circle of counselors evolved from "an amorphous gathering of trusted counselors of the grand prince to the Privy Council," a group that was "able to function separately from the sovereign" because it had "a definite procedure of work and a developed administrative chancellery apparatus for achieving its decisions" (p.
The electrical hookups must follow a definite procedure.
On the issue of some parties expressing concern of rigging and poll malpractices taking place during the election, he remarked, "We have definite procedures to identify those places before re-polling.
Cairo, (SANA) - Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem on Wednesday called for taking practical and definite procedures that go beyond condemnation.
Reporters may show up in company or franchise units, customers may react to breaking news stories and definite procedures need to be well understood by all.