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Validity of the Definiteness Hierarchy Definiteness Passives Actives No.
By contrast, all Samoyedic languages clearly have a category of unmarked object next to an indicative finite verb, and in three of these: (Tundra) Nenets, (6) Enets and Selkup this form expresses the definiteness or the focus function of the object.
We cannot define definiteness in terms of the presence of particular morphosyntactic properties (other than the licensing of independence).
These changes resulted in the loss of positive definiteness and, hence, loss of convergence.
The Special Master recommended that the Court grant in part, and deny in part, Star's Motion for Summary Judgment on Claim Construction and Definiteness.
Among the topics are definiteness and deixis in Middle Persian, new light on the Middle Persian-Chinese bilingual inscription from Zi'an, New Persian texts in Manichean script from Turfan, obscene vocabulary in Stiengass' dictionary, and Minabi notes.
Here too, the old postpositional article, which eventually loses its definiteness in Middle Aramaic, is reintroduced in Neo-Aramaic by a prefix (kalba '(the) dog' > u-kalba 'the dog').
The consensus of phoneticians is that the falling nucleus generally conveys an impression of definiteness, completeness, certainty and finality, while the rising nucleus is associated with non-finality and indefiniteness (Armstrong--Ward 1931: 9, 20; Christophersen 1956: 186; Cruttenden 1997: 90; Halliday 1967 in Coulthard 1977: 18; Heffner 1964: 223; Kingdon 1958: 9; O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 47, 73).
The construction results in this theme-patient argument having a higher degree of individuatedness and definiteness (Enfield 2002: 24; cf.
Potentialities of definiteness," designated "potentia," which are closely related to (if not identical with) Whitehead's "eternal objects," are central to this discussion.
These changes of type result in the loss of positive definiteness and hence loss of convergence.
whether the symmetry and positive definiteness of the perturbed matrix is preserved and whether the perturbed problem still represents a discrete variational problem.