definitive answer

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Then he was pressing, and you were coy, until finally he extorted your definitive answer, which was--" Maria paused, and seemed to be intensely studying the looks of the other--Miss Henley smiled as she turned her placid, ingenuous features to her gaze, and continued the conversation by repeating,
When I have a definitive answer, I will let you know," Levin said in an email, adding she would provide additional details once she had signed paperwork in hand.
BOFFINS could soon provide a definitive answer to the years-long debate over whether wine tastes better from a cork or screw cap bottle.
WE finally have the definitive answer to the question that has vexed many a social discussion: The correct pronunciation of scone.
Well if he'd been at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday, he'd have received the definitive answer - the 'West Ham way' means swaggering into a two-goal lead with an impossibly beautiful 'rabona' assist from Dimitri Payet, then defending like muppets and getting stuffed 4-2 by Watford, sparking a tear-up between your own supporters.
CDATA[ A review of the newly published, non-combative and definitive answer to those anti-Israel, BDS and other vulgar protests at AIPAC, colleges and anywhere else.
But the Etihad outfit are now understood to want PS3m and Villa cannot get a definitive answer.
The definitive answer should come from the future results of our new randomised controlled trial, in which we have recruited more than 1,000 pregnant women who have been given either Vitamin D (1,000 units daily) or dummy tablets through pregnancy.
A Without knowing how the floors were finished, it's pretty hard to give you a definitive answer.
Wolfram Alpha works directly from data already online to provide a definitive answer to a question rather than providing links to other websites like a traditional search engine.
After weeks of frenzied speculation over whether he would be fit enough to challenge for an elusive triple jump gold, his performance in qualifying yesterday provided a definitive answer.
The second definitive answer from the Arc was that Shareta showed exactly how effective a pacemaker can be.