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Conclusive; ending all controversy and discussion in a lawsuit.

That which is definitive is capable of finally and completely settling a legal question or action.

A definitive judgment is final and not provisional; a definitive sentence mandates imprisonment for a certain specified period of time.


adjective absolute, accurate, ascertained, authentic, authenticated, authoritative, beyond a doubt, beeond all dispute, closing, complete, completed, conclusive, conclusory, confirmative, consummate, crowning, decided, decisive, definite, determinate, determinative, exact, exhaustive, final, fixed, incontestable, indisputable, indubitable, irrefutable, last, most complete, most precise, perfect, supreme, terminational, terminative, thorough, ultimate, unassailable, uncontested, undeniable, undisputed, undoubted, unimpeachable, without doubt, without question
Associated concepts: definitive decree, definitive judgment, definitive order
See also: absolute, categorical, certain, clear, cogent, complete, conclusive, crucial, decisive, descriptive, determinative, dogmatic, extreme, factual, final, inappealable, interpretive, last, thorough

DEFINITIVE. That which terminates a suit a definitive sentence or judgment is put in opposition to an interlocutory judgment; final. (q.v.)

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The obligation of the whole body of the faithful to give their definitive assent to what is taught definitively by the magisterium, along with the inability of their whole body to err in matters of faith and morals, explains why the pope and college of bishops are given the divine gift of infallibility in their definitive teaching on matters of faith or morals.
The study represents an ongoing revision in focus in the literature from managing diabetes to preventing it, and within that area of research, a de-emphasis on heredity and other risk factors, and an emphasis on proactive and definitively proven preventive techniques--namely weight management through a reduced fat diet and regular exercise.
Neutron radiative beta-decay has never been definitively observed.
Despite a lack of consistent retrospective data to definitively answer this question, several factors suggest that norovirus disease may actually be more common today.
government turned definitively and publicly against its exile ally Chalabi.
Because of the difficulty in definitively identifying a connection to the brain, caution must be exercised to decrease complications.
Leading the optimists were the electrical equipment makers, who definitively shed the worries they had earlier last year.
Raman argues that the early modern "discovery" of India contributed definitively to the formation of a "radical" and self-assertive "early modern subjecthood" (129).
Even when the reader doesn't definitively know what is going on, the structure and form of the language provide a sense of direction.
An advantage of email communications may be that it allows the study of this process more definitively, with the potential for improving the experience of all involved.
The DEA is pretty sure that "personal care 'hemp' products" such as hand cream, soap, and shampoo qualify for the exemption, although it is "unaware of any scientific evidence definitively answering this question.
No, we noisily compare them to Catholicism and continually conclude definitively that Catholicism is the fullest, the most complete, the most true--not just for some hut for all.