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Obviously, there's still a lot of debt in America, which is why deflation is particularly scary.
8 per cent fall expected by analysts and extending factory deflation to nearly three years.
Going forward, house prices are likely to decline further as deflation and lower wage growth set in.
While this is still within the normal volatility range, it suggests that equity markets are also pricing in the impact of deflation on global growth.
Toplis explained that in a normal situation, talking about deflation would cause worries since there would be plummeting prices.
Two brief periods in the US, the first from around mid-1949 to mid-1950, and the second from the autumn of 1954 to the summer of 1955, indicate cycles of deflation in the CPI index.
Qatar is likely to remain well insulated in the event the Great Deflation hits the global economy.
He however acknowledged that the nation had been affected by other problems related to deflation.
But according to Reuters, there was near unanimity among ECB policymakers that it would either begin its own version of Quantitative Easing -- where the ECB would buy up government bonds and other securities from the markets -- or end its so called "sterilisation" programme, where the bank offsets the money it puts into the system through the purchase of government bonds by withdrawing an equivalent amount, in an effort to increase liquidity in the system and prevent the advent of deflation.
According to the BBC, giving a speech in Washington, Lagarde said that a rising risks of deflation could be seen, which could prove disastrous for the recovery.
The deflation risk associated with European inflation falling into the danger zone has not escaped IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde's notice.
Recent price developments indicate that the deflation is ending," the Cabinet Office said in the report, noting that the country's economy is "picking up steadily and shows some movements on the way to recovery.