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Schantz himself is a defender of the correspondence theory, which, to his view, finds only one serious competitor: deflationist or minimalist theories.
What the Deflationist May Say About Truthmaking, MATTHEW McGRATH
There is an incompatibility between the deflationist approach to truth, which makes truth transparent on the basis of an antecedent grasp of meaning, and the traditional endeavour, exemplified by Davidson, to explicate meaning through truth.
The author argues that the deflationist has at his disposal such extended methods--methods which make no use or mention of a truth-predicate.
The advocate of minimalism about truth is committed to showing that various theoretical presuppositions of traditional substantial theories of truth are misguided, and one of the main aims of the deflationist about meaning is to eliminate unduly restrictive construals of the constraints that have all too often been imposed upon a satisfactory theory of meaning (the constraints that concern, respectively, understanding, relationality, aprioricity, compositionality, and normativity of meaning, as well as its referential character).
In particular, weak deflationism cannot be maintained in conformity with the deflationist commitment to explaining facts about phrasal meanings in compositional terms, that is, by appeal to facts about the lexicon.