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3, one photo is opposite view (A) and two photos are deflective views (Bb B2).
20) Flamenco as an elected term for a musical and dance style may have been something between a euphemism and a dysphemism, a lightly coded, deflective term.
Teenager Dagnall, back in the first-team frame after some impressive performances for the reserves, twice threatened to rescue the visitors' cause with deflective shots that just missed the target.
To compensate for this deflective force, a rising slope to the right of 1:95 112 would be caused by the Coriolis effect in the Northern Hemisphere.
then Westlake himself fired over theSunderland, FA Cup winners in 1973, were certainly up for it against the 1978 victors as the game started at a raging pace, and Black Cats keeper Mart Poom needed to be alert to keep out a deflective effort from Jim Magilton.
Leland Poague recognizes this deflective use of narrative, stating that "money is not a MacGuffin at all, I would assert; it is the 'public fact' of the film's depicted world (and of our own).
I found Miller's categories--from W's evident-to-himself tautologies to his deflective self-appraisals--helpful tools to becoming a better Bush-watcher.
Instead of describing an environment of brutal anti-queer hostility, Howard writes that "homosexuality and gender insubordination were acknowledged and accommodated with a pervasive, deflective pretense of ignorance" (xi).
When a reporter wants a story, he or she doesn't want a PR firm or pat, deflective answers.
The secret lies in the special, highly reflective, heat deflective silver outer and the ultra insulating foam filling, both of which are designed for maximum freshness.
At times, the humour was deflective as she is laid out on various operating tables, chemotherapy and radiation beds as if in some macabre complement to Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.
125) Others have justified the ECJ's approach by adding that the Brasserie reference proceeding involved redress for breaches of Community fundamental freedoms,(126) The deflective content of freedom rights, according to these commentators, enshrines claims to desist from action (Unterlassungsanspruche) and claims to eliminate undue consequences (Folgenbeseitigungsanspruche).