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This inquiry offers a critical framework that unites Burkean critique with argument for analyzing SSM and FH as deflective anecdotes in the ongoing, national discussion about potential interventions in issues of obesity.
Although he is repressed when he gives fifty pounds for the journalistic job he gets at the Independent Viewpoint, a party's news organ, he seems to have something to cling to in order to hold out, something like a deflective mechanism, while standing against the pressure to do things immoral in his workplace.
One-way ANOVA analysis was used to check the differences between the photos judged one-by-one and judged together, opposite views and deflective ones, respecttively.
It can then be a formidable, constructive, and deflective partner, offering technical assistance, guarantees, and any base capital needed to recapitalize core banking institutions, and allow risk and equity holders to take hits for well-deserved losses.
A person, as I see it, is in progress, reflective and deflective of, and constructed from, his experiences and the experiences of others.
This provides an even and stable occlusion and ensures there are no pathogenic deflective contacts.
In other words, the specialty's response to liability was both protective and deflective, with only the (large) former one representing true safety improvement.
Thus this pulse straightened Premium plus wires can effectively overcome the deflective forces from mastication and can resist deformation in the oral cavity.
Through the use of deflective efforts and strengthening the community at the front end of the system to reduce entries, along with the County's Native Unit working closely to assist children, families, and tribes to achieve permanence for the children, efforts have shown progress in Woodbury County.
I'm interested in characters playing other characters," she notes offstage, conjuring a typically guileless, deflective mise en abyme.
But no sooner had I pointed my camera at the tour guide last May, he raised a deflective hand.
Some of their concerns are real, and it won't work to dodge issues with deflective maneuvers like, "Well, what about the thousands of deaths each year caused by prescription medications?