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The application generated the meshing script recalculating the new deflector shape from coordinates selected by the GA, called the Gridgen mesher to alter the pre-generated case mesh accordingly and finally exported it for Fluent.
When not required, such as when there are rear occupants onboard, the deflector can be stored in the boot.
The GA encoded each parameter as a binary gene forming chromosomes that represented each deflector setup.
The four jet blast deflectors are also new, incorporating a one-panel design with a side-panel cooling loop to keep exhaust gasses from harming flight deck personnel.
The Shooter initiates the drill with a shot toward the goal, which the Deflector attempts to redirect into the net.
The damaged nose landing gear deflector, which deflects water as the aircraft lands, will be examined by the National Transportation Safety Board to determine why it cracked.
The Sauber team were excluded from the French Grand Prix in 1996 when their deflector panels infringed the dimensional regulations.
Gay Byrne backed Alan Dukes yesterday for moving to deflate the growing television deflectors row.
The gallery walls are 14ft and 20ft high respectively, with an additional 4 ft on the high side between the cornice revel and the light deflectors.
At its mouth, a deflector causes the sand to spray outward, filling the area in front.
Notes inventor Cohen: "A deflector shield uses cloak technology not to hide an object but to pass radiation around it.