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I didn't want to live if I wasn't a woman APRIL ON SEX CHANGE OP Elvis deflowered 40 Bluebell Girls in Paris but his manager warned him off me APRIL ON ELVIS PRESLEY I went to Michael's room for champagne and we had a lovely night together APRIL ON MICHAEL HUTCHENCE
Whereupon the holy Man, in the fear of the Lord, deflowered her, and for some time repeated the Practice until he had, by Pregnancy, put her in the Way to receive the Lord Jesus.
In Yan's novel, a young, greenhorn California rancher's son is deflowered by a psychologically stronger Chinese prostitute in old San Francisco.
With Tulip deflowered, Sugar was left with a rose, Michelle Dewberry, and two thorns: Ruth Badger and Ansell Henry.
I am still filled with grief when I recollect my personal experience of the coup as I was deflowered by the serial acts of betrayal that followed," he writes.
A sea paler than spring grass feathered by so gentle a breeze, petals, blown off, deflowered.
Thurman was deflowered in her role as a young ingenue by John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons.
is a closet queer who is just two swigs of bourbon away from letting himself be deflowered.
Gardens not accustomed to torrential rainstorms and snow flurries were hit hard recently - pansies were drowned in their prime, daffodils flattened and fruit trees deflowered.
Set in the Dominican Republic, this triple-plotted novel is at once a fictionalized character study of Rafael "The Goat" Trujillo, the dictator who once ruled that island; of the cell of men who ended his reign by assassination; and of one individual, Urania Cabral, the daughter of a senator who proves his loyalty to the regime by handing over the fourteen-year-old to be deflowered by the seventy-year-old dictator.
But she was a contortionist and by the time the two men returned about 40 minutes later, I had been well and truly deflowered.
All is going well until their flight is disrupted by a homeward bound young Cuban, on the run from a notorious local gangster, whose daughter he has not only deflowered, but given cause to take a trip around Mothercare.