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Presumably less assimilates are produced and distributed to organs of the plants that have been defoliated especially the root systems which is the site of protein synthesis.
Week after week in my defoliated chest I hear Dan Rather a week too soon or a week too late.
Until the first experiment in December 1995, the pasture was mechanically defoliated and the herbage was removed from the site.
Forests in Vietnam were chemically defoliated, and the burning of oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War was both a political and military tactic.
This is especially important with busy lizzies, I have seen beautiful busy lizzy baskets leave the garden centre only to be returned a fortnight later totally defoliated due to incorrect watering.
The vassoura da bruxa, or witch's broom disease--so named because the fungus leaves defoliated branches resembling a broom--has caused one of the largest agricultural crises in Brazilian history.
It is essential to eradicate this pest before your gooseberry is completely defoliated.
Just two years after winds from Hurricane Iniki defoliated muc of the island, towering eucalyptus and pine trees in this mountainside park are lush with new green leaves.
In one of their record-breaking years, 1981, they defoliated almost 13 million acres; in 1993, they devoured a mere 1.
It is estimated that since 1980 more than 1 million forested acres have been defoliated each year.