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This could probably be attributed to the fact that at four WAS, the remaining leaves of defoliated plants had lower photosynthetic capacity than plant at six WAS due to leaf sizes.
Basal circumference: Mean values of basal circumference of Fountain grass defoliated at CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4 clipping stages were 8.
At the University of Utah, a research team is using satellite data to map areas of defoliated tamarisk, which can help determine where and how fast the beetles are moving.
ambigua after plants of these species were defoliated or remained undefoliated.
Treatments represented two fruiting patterns (presence of a man-made fruiting gap and a control containing no fruiting gap) defoliated at five maturity stages based on a targeted OBPD.
The treatments commenced on 31 January when the pasture in each bay was defoliated once with either 0 (mechanical), 111,208, or 375 cows per ha for 6.
Forests in Vietnam were chemically defoliated, and the burning of oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War was both a political and military tactic.
As a forest entomologist I was familiar with tamarack through 20 years of research on the biology and control of the larch sawfly, a pest whose larvae defoliated tamarack and other larch species throughout a large portion of North America for many decades.
This is especially important with busy lizzies, I have seen beautiful busy lizzy baskets leave the garden centre only to be returned a fortnight later totally defoliated due to incorrect watering.
VFW magazine published a feature article--"Agent Orange Defoliated Korea's DMZ"--on this subject in February 2000.
The vassoura da bruxa, or witch's broom disease--so named because the fungus leaves defoliated branches resembling a broom--has caused one of the largest agricultural crises in Brazilian history.