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When we analyzed each treatment separately, the defoliating lepidopterous larvae exhibited a higher predation rate than non-pest insects.
We are fortunate this year because the gypsy moth egg mass survey program that is conducted every fall allowed us to identify rising and potentially defoliating populations in Montgomery, Frederick and Washington Counties.
federal court in the Southern District of Iowa indicates that DuPont's claim pertains to defoliating corn plants with Paraquat or Roundup.
The most recently evolved group consists of the leaf-cutting species, infamous for defoliating 20 percent of the tropical forests in the Western Hemisphere.
Tiny critters from the soil are being harnessed to prevent other tiny critters from defoliating vast areas of northeastern hardwood forests.
Procurement Defoliating Insect Insecticide to Combat Purchase Hardwood
Brontocoris tabidus is a generalist predator that naturally controls defoliating insects in Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil.
will be soon be sending to the Colombia national police six Black Hawk attack helicopters, high-altitude flyers that can provide protection to planes defoliating mountainside poppy fields, report Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and Los Angeles Bureau Chief Joshua Hammer in the August 9 issue (on newsstands Monday, August 2).