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Information about potential damage of Lepidoptera species associated with eucalyptus, besides faunistic and constancy indexes and population fluctuation of main Lepidoptera defoliator pests and species with higher numbers of individuals were obtained.
Another invention at Hughs's lab, a two-row prototype thermal defoliator, offers hot air as an alternative to chemicals for removing cotton leaves before harvest.
Resources and dispersal as factors limiting a populations of the tussock moth (Orgyia vetusta), a flightless defoliator.
Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), a defoliator of soybean [Glycine max (L.
New record of Trichospilus diatraeae as parasitoid of the eucalypt defoliator Thyrinteina arnobia in Brasil.
Defoliator insects such as lepidopterous, coleopterous and leaf-cutting ants can cause significant losses to forest productivity in Brazilian reforested areas but very little is known about natural factors that regulate their populations (Braganca et al.
One suggested explanation for the importance of spring feeding for defoliator population dynamics is that variable synchrony with host budbreak causes population sizes of spring feeding species to be more variable than those of summer feeding species (Embree 1965, Varley and Gradwell 1968, Holliday 1977, Witter and Waisanen 1978, Nothnagle and Schultz 1987, Hunter 1990, 1991, Watt a nd McFarlane 1991).
Hylesia nanus was the most severe lepidopteran defoliator of eucalyptus in the first half of 2015 in this region, and the severity and the time frame in which the defoliation happened stimulated this research.