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When an object closely orbits another ("closely" meaning compared to its own size), the different gravitational pulls on its near and far sides deform it into an egg shape or even a blunt teardrop with a point.
The Deform material library contains more than 50 materials, including common grades of steel, titanium, aluminum, and superalloys.
In the case of a high viscosity ratio blend, the dispersed phase near the flow front slightly deforms during the filling stage, and breakup of the dispersed phase is not possible during the cooling stage.
A completely integrated FSI program solves fluid flow problems as well as the elasticity equations that predict how a solid deforms.
Geologists will examine the samples to see what types of rocks line the fault and look for clues as to how they deform under the high pressures and temperatures that occur deep underground.
The overall aspect ratio is much smaller than that for the case of MPPO-L/PA (20/80) blend, and the dispersed phase does not deform significantly at a low injection flow rate.
This roller is different from other rollers because it is made from special foam that won't breakdown or deform over time.
This module Indicates if a part is likely to warp or deform beyond acceptable levels.
The deformation-inducing means includes a hydrophobic panel member and an elastically stretchable member secured to the panel member along the longitudinal centerline to convexly deform the panel member toward the skin-contactable side.
These are to determine from experiments on laboratory specimens, to deform in well-defined strain fields.
For the study, they subjected silicone or polyurethane fingertips to a series of physical tests to explore how they stretch, deform and spring back into shape when compared to real fingertips, reports New Scientist.