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Field testing of rock mass deformability includes significant larger volumes of rock mass than laboratory samples and some of them may represent rock mass behaviour.
RBC deformability is inversely correlated with blood viscosity, meaning that the more deformable the RBCs are, the less viscous the blood.
For rational application of mineral wool products for constructive purposes, the data about changes in their deformability under loads are indispensable.
Shape transformation affects the aggregation of erythrocytes directly either through deformability or altered shape.
Deformability of both recycled compounds increases after compatibilizer addition.
If properly stiffened, a column web panel is considered as a rigid component and deformability of it could be disregarded.
Erythrocyte deformability and size measured in a multiparameter system that includes impedance sizing.
The mechanism of action of vitamin E is not known, but it might work by increasing the deformability of red blood cells, thereby improving capillary blood flow.
Material of agglutinant should have not only good adhesion and relation between particle named wheel toughness but good deformability at cutting force influence too.
Effect of Applied Stress on Moduli of Elasticity and Deformability of Terracrete, Unpublished M.
At low oxygen tension, the mutant hemoglobin (sickle hemoglobin or S hemoglobin) polymerizes inside the red blood cells into a gel or further into fibers leading to a drastic decrease in the red cell deformability.
Thus, it is primarily the measurement of deformability (radial modulus) of the tire section in contact with the test wheel.