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Hayes and Leathwood were found guilty of defrauding both colleges following a trial and were jailed for three years and five years.
ORGANISERS: Craig Buttery, far left, and Paul Hildreth, who face charges of defrauding the Big Lottery Fund
Our weeping can also connect us to the stories of people we are defrauding, the stories of people we are making sick with our ever-expanding lifestyle.
There also is no automatic provision barring a person convicted of defrauding the city from getting a new city contract.
executive David Radler, who pleaded guilty in a Chicago court to defrauding the company.
A jury found the securities firm guilty of defrauding Ronald Perelman, a prominent investor, in the course of the sale of his controlling interest in Coleman Co.
A former branch manager of Citibank was arrested Monday on suspicion of defrauding a customer about 850 million yen between 1997 and 2002, public prosecutors said.
The information also charges Rossmiller with defrauding Main Line Federal Savings and Loan of Villanova, Pa.
The plaintiffs contended that Qu and PrediWave had knowingly engaged in actions aimed at defrauding New World of its investment.
Last year, his department investigated 132 paralegals and document preparers accused of defrauding consumers.