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He noted that using a bishop's court to defrock is very expensive, "and then the decision could be appealed to the Anglican provincial court, which in our case, Ontario, has never met in its entire history.
Sir, - With reference to "Sanctuary for pervert priest" (Post, May 4) your writer says that the Catholic Church prefers not to defrock Father Eric Taylor so that it can keep a closer eye on him once he is released from prison.
The bishops must defrock known homosexual priests, and any who are convicted of sexual molestation.
The Roman Catholic Church has admitted it is unlikely to defrock a priest who abused young boys.
Last night, his family called on the Church to defrock Helen.
The programme, Unspeakable Crimes, also reveals how the Vatican stepped in and stopped attempts by Irish bishops to defrock abuser priests on at least two occasions.
THE Pope resisted pleas to defrock a priest who had a record of molesting children, amid concerns about the good of the Church.
31: The highest court in the United Methodist Church defrocks lesbian minister Irene "Beth" Stroud.
Which might make Mays' next job - when he finally defrocks to seek it out - yet another challenge.