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The England winger showed that his deftness isn't just in his left foot in setting up Aliadiere and the ex-Arsenal flier rolled his man expertly and finished accurately past the despairing dive of Kirkland.
Poignant, but ultimately uplifting, feelgood drama with a script grittily similar in its deftness to The Full Monty.
No one could accuse Murray of tame drop shots this time, least of all Acasuso - who was bamboozled by the Scot's deftness and invention.
Tim Wride, former curator of photography for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), states, "Wexler's pictorial constancy as a risk taker and his deftness as a problem solver are the characteristics that distinguish his work and make his images both meaningful and memorable.
She can scream at the discovery of a body with the best of them, but also plays her character scenes with deftness and intelligence.
Most of the cameos are equally dead-on, with Penn coaxing rich comic deftness out of his "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner and from writer Michael Karnow who plays dim-bulb commentator Mike Werbe.
The so-called 'Elizas', Elizabethan settings made before Gurney went off to the war that had such a devastating impact on him, proved his greatness, and in Thomas Nashe's Spring the deftness of touch displayed by singer and pianist Paul Plummer left everyone beaming with delight, the texture bursting with every sort of bird impression including cuckoos, owls, and nightingales.
Russ Garritty and Richard McGrath showed the deftness so often lacking in the British relay teams when the former 'borrowed' McGrath's whip during the 3m novice hurdle.
Bush administration officials have been congratulating themselves on the relative speed and deftness with which the latest sanctions resolution was pushed through the Security Council.
A measure of the deftness has already been supplied by Mr.
To capture that outlook, however, Isaac also reconstructs Carter's social environment, especially the lives of his adult children and his slaves, with a richness and deftness quite worthy the attention of social historians.
EAT PRAY LOVE is more than just a travelogue: it's a story of personal transformation and change which touches upon cultural interactions and inner wisdom with equal deftness.