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I defy thee, Hell, to show On beds of fire that burn below, A humbler heart - a deeper wo -
I see plainly that she is uneasy at my progress in the good opinion of her brother, and conclude that nothing will be wanting on her part to counteract me; but having once made him doubt the justice of her opinion of me, I think I may defy, her.
Sometimes he will shut up a right of way and defy the parish to make him open it.
It is your own affair if you wish to be persecuted and humiliated; but were I you I should assert my manhood and defy my enemies.
I am ready to defy Issus herself; but what will it avail us?
He had acted so as to defy reproach, and make wonder respectful.
how could she ever say to herself that she would defy it?
The secret of the hiding-place in which I contrived to defy discovery is soon told.
Ah, it's all very well to defy them, but you are getting so rampant, I'm afraid you will defy me next, and then where are we?
Young as he is, that lad's notions of moral rectitude I defy you ever to eradicate.
I'll defy him to bring anything home, and I'll defy him to find the pearl
com Fighting Fifth at Newcastle and Identity Thief got the better of the battle to defy 14.