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They accordingly continued to follow the downward course of Snake River; clambering rocks and mountains, and defying all the difficulties and dangers of that rugged defile, which subsequently, when the snows had fallen, was found impassable by Messrs.
Even your way of flinging money about cannot make safety for men set on defying a whole big country for the sake of - what is it exactly?
He had strong feelings of family attachment and family honour, without pride or weakness; he lived with the liberality of a man of fortune, without display; he judged for himself in everything essential, without defying public opinion in any point of worldly decorum.
At others he will with his own hands tear down some other man's gate and declare that a path has existed there from time immemorial, defying the owner to prosecute him for trespass.
I take off my hat to them because they are defying blackmail, and refusing to smash their country to save themselves.
The door was open, and at the other side of the table was standing a large, black-bearded, shirt-sleeved man, in an attitude rather reminiscent of Ajax defying the lightning.
I am looked upon about here as a second Ajax defying the lightning.
And, in fact, they were swooping nearer, and more than one came within fifty feet of them, as if defying the fire-arms.
How could he dream of her defying the barrier that her husband had placed between them?
It is quite the most successful way of defying wolves, and as one boy they bent and looked through their legs.
I was for defying her, but David, who had the knack of women, knew a better way; he craftily proposed that we "should let Irene in," in short, should wreck her, and though I objected, she proved a great success and recognised the yucca filamentosa by its long narrow leaves the very day she joined us.
You will gain nothing, I assure you, by thus defying us.