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After four hours of fixation, the majority of smears contained partially degenerated cells, representing 25 (50%) followed by complete degenerated cells and well preserved cells constituting 20 (40%) and 5 (10%) correspondingly.
But the state's affirmative action program has already been retooled from what had degenerated into an often irrational ethnic spoils system.
Summary: A dispute in the Tripoli district of Al-Mina Tuesday evening degenerated into an armed fight that left four men wounded, sources told The Daily Star.
After the French Revolution degenerated into murderous chaos and gave rise to Bonapartism, an illuminist scattering took place, leading to the creation of radical secret societies across Europe and Latin America, according to Billington.
There is no question, for me, but that Pop Art was, is, and always will be better than degenerated Abstract Expressionism.
Genteel gatherings degenerated into drunken brawls, so much so that "Jan Steen household" became synonymous with "slovenly household" (1).
Fifteen years later, aberration has degenerated into a nightly ordeal at dance concerts.
Fine-needle aspiration specimens contain acute inflammatory cells in a background of mixed inflammatory cells and multinucleated giant cells with degenerated thyroid follicular epithelial cells.
The study suggests a new line of treatment for hard-to-repair fractures or degenerated bone, both of which would otherwise require that surgeons transfer, or graft, bone or bone marrow from one part of the body to another, says study coauthor R.
Here he suggested that particular animals might use a part of the body steadily, or not use it, and that those parts might develop slightly or degenerate slightly as a result, and that such developed or degenerated parts could be inherited by their young, which, by use or disuse, would continue the process.