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The technology under development involves the generation of DNA fingerprints and genetic probes to rapidly identify key degradative bacteria in contaminated groundwater aquifers and soils.
Thus, although temperature is important as a rate-controlling parameter in many of the degradative processes (such as oxidation and hydrolysis), polymer degradation by pure thermal energy is not a critical factor in weatherability studies.
GP is an allosteric enzyme that catalyzes the degradative phosphorolysis of glycogen to glucose 1-phosphate.
If the degradative crosslinking has occurred during the measurement, the down-sweep data show higher moduli.
One critical barrier to introducing specific degradative bacteria into contaminated soils and aquifers is that microbial adhesion to soil surfaces may prevent penetration of the bacteria into the target zone," said Mary DeFlaun, Ph.
This may be attributed to either degradative chain transfer, increasing proportion of grafts to low molecular weight chains, or increasing tendency for intramolecular grafts leading to multiple grafts on a single chain.
A limitation of existing design management technology is the degradative effect on tool speed which is estimated to be as high as 25-30 percent.
It has good durability against dynamic compression fatigue caused by ballast edge under degradative conditions.
This suggests that both ILs display catalytic degradative effects to different degrees.
It is in fact conceivable that the decrease in serum [beta]-CTx concentrations after calcium loading could be ascribed only to the inhibition of osteoclast activity induced by the calcemic increment: any possible calcium-related changes in the degradative pattern of collagen are unlikely because of the short-term nature of the experiment, and further degradation of [beta]-CTx could be hindered by the presence of the isoaspartyl bonds.
A third photo degradative process is known as the Photo Fries rearrangement.