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TO DEGRADE, DEGRADING. To, sink or lower a person in the estimation of the public.
     2. As a man's character is of great importance to him, and it is his interest to retain the good opinion of all mankind, when he is a witness, he cannot be compelled to disclose any matter which would tend to disgrace or degrade him, 13 How. St. Tr. 17, 334, 16 How. St. Tr. 161. A question having that tendency, however, may be asked, and, in such case, when the witness chooses to answer it, the answer is conclusive. 1 Phil. Ev. 269; R. & M. 383.

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It degrades those who exercise it, and degrades those over whom it is exercised.
But still I am not without apprehensions of your being shortly obliged to degrade yourself in your own eyes by seeking a support for your wife in the Generosity of Sir Edward.
Douglass straightened himself up on the box upon which he was sitting, and replied: "They cannot degrade Frederick Douglass.
And do you think you can injure and degrade yourself, and I not feel it?
BESA Movement continues to alarm about the situation of Albanian representation in Macedonian institutions claiming to be very small, and BDI degrades Albanians by only appointing officials from their closest management.
This material degrades over time, breaks loose with thermal cycling and the drag of polymer flow, and can make lots of black specks.
The body absorbs most of one novel implant, a patch that can fix heart defects, and it degrades the other, a stent that can prop open a narrowed artery.
a new anaerobic bacterium that degrades fatty acids and benzoate in syntrophic association with hydrogen-using microorganisms.
Exchange servers are not designed for long-term data storage and the performance and stability of Exchange servers degrades in direct proportion to the amount of stored data.
This abuse drastically degrades the cable's electrical performance.
Once Amber softens, degrades herself and learns some rudimentary Robinson Crusoe-isms, we're supposed to dig her as much as noble Giuseppe does.
According to the presenters, the study confirmed the theory that moisture degrades the sand's binder to binder and sand to binder bond.