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A novel surgical technique for management of tinnitus due to high dehiscent jugular bulb.
0 cm long, hispid, imbricate, deflexed, dehiscent, oblong, straight, turgid.
Examples of dehiscent fruits (generally called pods) include soybean, alfalfa, canola, and milkweed.
Additionally, dry fruits can be either dehiscent, where the dry pericarp splits open at maturity, releasing the seeds, or indehiscent, where the seeds remain with the fruit and the entire fruit falls from the parent plant at maturity (see Table 5-1).
I'd find books littering the stands like dehiscent peanut shells.
viridissima) some bumping has been observed among bees at the flowers of Senna species with poricidal dehiscent anthers, but the bees appeared to be only momentarily deflected from foraging.
Leguminosae/ Pea Leaves simple or Fabaceae compound; fruit is a legume or loment-- indehiscent or dehiscent along one or two sutures.
Arabidopsis siliques are dehiscent, meaning that they automatically rupture and release the seed at maturity.
He seems content to be as wasteful as dehiscent nature herself.
By extending this vision of mother as 'split subject' to Mother Ireland, Boland elicits a conception of national identity, that like the maternal subject, is open to heterogeneity, dehiscent rather than integral, dispersed rather than consolidated, centrifugal rather than centripetal.