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Of course, there are different types of dehumanization.
Discrimination and dehumanization are often found in the immigration detention and inhumane deportation practices.
Smith is right to say that a feature of human history as entrenched as dehumanization requires massively more scholarship than it has so far received.
87) It is a dehumanization that is shared by others: "The faithful trotted past, like horses, carrying shopping bags.
Other feminist and person of color concerns addressed range from the tendency of state systems to take black children away from their mothers more readily than white children in the same living situations; the profound negative impact that war has upon the lives of women and the culture they live in; discrimination and dehumanization amid domestic violence shelters; and much more.
Heretic: Confessions Of An Ex-Catholic Rebel" is a deftly written autobiography of Jerome Tuccile that addresses core spiritual questions by a man whose inquiries (including an essay on the Virgin Birth that asserted the Catholic Church doctrine and dogma led to the dehumanization of women) led him to be denounced as a heretic by the dean of a Catholic college.
The day before he was abducted Fox wrote on his blog: "As I survey the landscape here in Iraq, dehumanization seems to be the operative means of relating to each other.
The beginning passages of the gritty detective story depict a surreal picture of a dedicated and incarcerated officer who learns to endure the dehumanization of prison culture.
The sideshow talker, calling attention to "a ferocious African savage, Kabutu, born with fangs and raised by wild animals," seems unaware that the performer's act is a grotesque parody of the African American audience's history of dehumanization.
John XXIII specified them in Humanae salutis--the Apostolic Constitution of 25 December 1961 proclaiming the Council--as the danger of nuclear war and a dehumanization caused by materialistic atheism, materialistic capitalism, and widespread poverty.
According to Young, Rand treated political and ideological debates as "wars with no innocent bystanders, and the dehumanization of 'the enemy' reaches levels reminiscent of communist or fascist propaganda.
Later, she agrees to don her despised burqa, icon for woman's dehumanization, and to walk outside with him.