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And, furthermore, the ability to dehumanize others is not confined to a peculiar personality type, as was impressively demonstrated by historian Christopher Browning in Ordinary Men, his ground-breaking 1992 study of Holocaust perpetrators.
We should raise up others, not dehumanize them," Farrell said.
When we totally dehumanize our enemies, the terrorists, once again, have won.
The advancement of science continues to dehumanize people, yet could it eventually go too far?
It is rhetoric historically used to dehumanize a small sector in society while assuaging the guilt of the majority as it denies rights and privileges.
While providing a critique of all participants in the slave trade and the continued attempt to dehumanize those of African descent, Davis argues against, in a rather unconvincing way, notions of collective guilt.
It is difficult to fathom the mindset of parents who would dehumanize their own children in the service of the child-killing industry.
To do otherwise, to give Gacy an "equal" death, would have to be barbaric; it would demean and dehumanize us, not him.
If it's not controlled, if it's not stopped, look what can happen when you dehumanize people.
The Palestinian people, already the victims of occupation and oppression, will see this as a further effort to dehumanize them and separate them from the world community," the superiors said.