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The difficulty, however, is that establishing the impulse to dehumanize in our cognitive architecture--if it indeed has a place there--requires an elusive knowledge of our prehistoric ancestors' psychology.
The Communists perfected the use of memes, including those intended to dehumanize their enemies, long before the Internet.
The death penalty dehumanizes us, not the killers; it brutalizes us as a society.
Because "humans are perceptually wired to see and respond to the presence of other humans wherever we can possibly find them," it is actually very hard, he says, to dehumanize others; it's against our nature.
To regularly proclaim a class of people as "abominations" is an insidious way to dehumanize and demonize.
Furthermore, Tervalon's approach makes it extremely difficult for the reader to objectify or dehumanize the characters.
This does not dehumanize us or diminish the value of the arts, emotions, self-discovery, and so on.
AB 369, the bill to deny conjugal rights and even TV to inmates sounds like another attempt to dehumanize convicts.
The Germans had a detailed program to dehumanize the people in the camps.
Pfeiffer's compelling phrase, "Technology is already deep inside you," recalls Walter Benjamin's notion that the movie camera performs an invasive surgical procedure, that film dehumanizes the actors, whose movements are edited, chopped up, and rebuilt.
She steers away from attempts at academic language and shuns the idea of impersonal "anthropological" discourse that dehumanizes and objectifies.
Two metro stations away, inside the Prague Congress Centre, the world's largest ever gathering of anti-corruption campaigners meets to discuss ways of combating the corruption that dehumanizes and impoverishes everyone in the global community.