deign to give

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We are discussing things seriously; but if you won't deign to give me your attention, I will drop your acquaintance.
I confess that unless you deign to give me some proof of what you advance--"
You are aware that students of geometry, arithmetic, and the kindred sciences assume the odd and the even and the figures and three kinds of angles and the like in their several branches of science; these are their hypotheses, which they and everybody are supposed to know, and therefore they do not deign to give any account of them either to themselves or others; but they begin with them, and go on until they arrive at last, and in a consistent manner, at their conclusion?
The Conservatives will deign to give the North East more say in growing our economy - but only if we do as we're told.
The latest erosion in their employment conditions is the demand to WORK elongated shifts which could mean WORKING more than ten hours on the trot before managers deign to give them a meal BREAK.
And whatever benefits the Israelis graciously deign to give with one hand, they can swiftly take away with the other.
One can imagine a young woman who has spent all her savings and many weeks to obtain a certificate that the man in the Speedo may not deign to give her.
Only on rare occasions does the composer deign to give us the tune, which may explain why it takes me longer to learn my part.
They should work for the wages we deign to give them and then hide, herded into the kind of prefab camps dismantled this week, where we do not see them and are not disturbed by their presence.
A No 10 spokesman, one of the Prime Minister's representatives on Earth, says that Blair thinks the manner of Saddam's execution was "completely wrong" - but the PM just grins his cheesy grins and does not deign to give us his opinion in person.
Surely the fact that this year the BBC will deign to give the race a 20-minute build up on BBC1 following a meaningless England football friendly against Jamaica is the ultimate humiliation.