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Delation is used with its triple meaning of postponement, amplification and finally accusation.
La delation sous l'Occupation, a documentary, chillingly details the contents of those letters, many signed, denouncing neighbors and family members.
Des commissions d'enquete furent montees, un climat de suspicion et de delation regna sur Hollywood, des carrieres, des vies furent brisees.
Comment, en effet, expliquer la mort d'un etre cher sans friser la caricature de cet evenement, comment parler de la tragedie humaine en general sans la simplifier parfois jusqu'au ridicule, comment trouver un meme denominateur pour les experiences si diverses de ceux qui ont vecu la souffrance de l'emprisonnement et celle de la delation, de la famine et de la torture ?
The Calumny of Apelles, to adapt the phrase of Peter Schjeldahl, is a subject at once pedantic and passionate, based in Lucian on a properly classical writer and having as its theme an evident humanist vice, the disruption of discourse, Calumny, or as Massing often renders it here to emphasize its juridical aspects, Delation.
La recherche effrenee de l'argent, le mensonge, les vols, la delation entretenue pour l'argent et l'acces a l'exercice du pouvoir sont autant de liturgies contraires a la moralite publique qui ont ete le lot quotidien de plusieurs sous la Deuxieme Republique.
Thomas Swartz, Government Delations Committee Chairman
According to Carlos Alzugaray Treto, in his essay Cuban-Chinese delations after the End of the Cold War, "trade became relatively complementary, with China importing raw sugar and nickel from Cuba, and exporting machinery, dry beans, transport equipment, and light industrial products in return.
Unless one is a false, disloyal knave, whose meaning and identity are never stable, one's essence lies in "close delations .
He sparked new life Into Scolarfs side, who would reach the final after Honaldo headed home in the 2-1 semi-final win over Holland, But there would be no fairytale, Greece defying the critics and a partisan crowd to claim the Henri Delations trophy.
Othello knows that such delays, "in a false disloyal knave/Are tricks of custom," but he feels that "in a man that's just,/They're close delations, working from the heart,/That passion cannot rule" (3.