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Many of the characteristic features were present in our patient such as frontal bossing, hypetelorism, depressed nasal bridge, delayed eruption of permanent teeth, presence of multiple supernumerary teeth and ability to approximate shoulders in front of the chest.
In present cases report, the fused primary incisors lead to delayed eruption of its successor.
1st: Tuberculate mesiodens, superimposed on the unerupted central incisor which rarely erupts and are frequently associated with the delayed eruption of the incisors.
9) Other reports of the oral health needs of children with mental retardation (MR) include early childhood caries, prescription medicine-induced dental decay, altered salivary flow, tooth decay, malocclusion, fractured and nonvital teeth, soft tissue complications, bruxism, medicine-induced gingival overgrowth, delayed eruption, oral infections, and developmental defects.
Systemic causes of delayed eruption include hormonal problems, vitamin deficiency, and certain developmental disturbances and syndromes that affect some or all of the teeth.
Impacted teeth are those with a delayed eruption time or that are not expected to erupt completely based on clinical and radiographic assessment.
Delayed eruption of permanent maxillary incisors has numerous causes such as supernumerary teeth, tooth malformation or dilacerations, tooth agenesis, cysts or other pathological obstructions in the eruptive path, retained primary incisor that has become ankylosed, presence of a dense mucoperiosteum or submucosa that acts as a physical barrier to eruption, lack of space or in association with certain syndromes.