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If this explanation is correct, it predicts that color will improve the delectability in any species with similar cone input rules to wavelength opponent and non-wavelength opponent neurons.
Socrates's difficulty in that dialogue was to win the assent of Callicles and Polus to the idea that just civic practice, including the practice of rhetoric, navigated a middle way between brute and unadorned intellect on the one hand and the puffery and delectability of poetry on the other.
been changed into a thing of delectability by the potent agent of music?
Guy Davenport's stories should be read like Cubist essays, for their turns, sides, shapes, and the delectability of their genius.
Auditors' experience with material irregularities: Frequency, nature and delectability.
The apex of delectability and artistry was reached by Chef Buelacher during the Gala Buffet luncheon.
The strong showing by the anti-establishment candidates in the straw poll prompted CNN's Candy Crowley (among others in the media) to claim that Bachmann and Paul lacked delectability.