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I have spent hours of my life perusing the pages of sites like Freshpair, HisRoom, and International Male (now Undergear), head awhirl with images of plump, firmly coddled groins molded delectably in elasticized fabrics at once subtly and startlingly hued, patterned and expertly textured to appeal to-what else?
This combination of materials is replicated delectably in its ring designs, to offer jewels proclaiming unabashed femininity (and which incidentally, also make perfect gifts designed to sweep a woman off her feet
Tonight's story is mostly about the delectably fun-sized Olive Snook, who finally gets to hear Ned utter the words "love" and "Olive" in the same sentence.
Choose from Pan roasted Foie Gras with rhubarb and glazed fig, half-cooked Foie Gras a la Anglaise with herb salad or Foie Gras with black truffle served with fig compote all delectably prepared for only dhs100 per dish.
Aguape armchair in delectably thick laser cut leather petals by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra.
Korngold's Much Ado About Nothing Suite, delectably scored, made a suitable nod to Stratford's greatest son.
She also says that stuffed olives is another trend that will undoubtedly make the modern vodka Martini a delectably savory drink.
But then the idea did come to him, and the audacity of it shivered through him delectably, as did the certainty of her perfect if restrained willingness.
Fuyu look like squat orange tomatoes, are firm when ripe, and have a delectably tangy-sweet flavor; peel them before using, because the skins can be slightly bitter.
That's how one cynical wag sums up Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his team of misfit logistical wizards in Ocean's Thirteen, Steven Soderbergh's delectably elaborate and savory soufflE[umlaut] of a mother-of-all-scams sequel.
Not being from New York, I've thoroughly missed out on one of the most delectably bent tabloid treats of the last 50 years.
Eddie Taketa joined him for a reprising duet and the two veterans roiled delectably through the juiciest of Varone's movement, exchanging cues and grins.