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Earlier on the card, Delectation came from last to first to win the William Hill Firth of Clyde Stakes and could now be trained for next year's 1000 Guineas.
Delectation (11-1) kept up trainer Bryan Smart's purple patch in the Firth Of Clyde.
Whisky Festival Not only will you have the chance to taste the best of homegrown whiskies from all over Scotland, but there will also be a good selection of whiskies from all over the world for your delectation.
Le cocktail, fait de declamations poetiques, voire lyriques sur fond sonore de guitares, a ravi le public qui a suivi avec delectation.
UNIVERSAL adulation Echoes round this world One life, demanding celebration Our Starman has unfurled Six decades thrilled each generation Courting reinvention That Hall of Fame's his destination God's ultimate ascension An icon with a timeless eye Prolific, potent art Inspirations cool supply Never dared depart Charismatic infiltration Seamless in transition Funk plus soul, each delectation Reaching true fruition Genius proves so intensive Journeys simply weaved Lyrics can engage the pensive Graciously perceived Troubled tied to gifted Subtle, futile pairing Stimulation lifted Harmonies for sharing Ziggy, White Duke, rest in peace Cravings fuel desire Heroes you must never cease To stimulate my fire.
So they entrust their cherubic offspring (Sebastian Hedges Thomas, Giselle Eisenberg) to grandma (Nancy Lenehan) and reignite dormant desires by performing every position in The Joy Of Sex on camera for their private delectation.
com/2013/11/22/doctor-who-15-facts/) Entertainment Weekly, Doctor Who expert Dr Piers D Britton, who wrote a book on Doctor Who titled TARDISbound, offers the following facts for Doctor Who fans' delectation.
Called the Hall of Fame Prom, it served up a smorgasbord of classical music favourites in bite-sized morsels for our delectation.
Our report on this one-of-a-kind statistical analysis--all 6,400 words of it--appears in the pages of ATs November issue for the delectation of managers, funders, the press and anyone who follows the twisty economic track of America's not-for-profit theatre.
No not that, it had to do with the magazine's contents, namely the ads being presented for my delectation.
The waiter doesn't offer his name for our delectation, or inform us that he'll be taking care of us this evening.
Lisa Wyldbore of Darlington, whose father lost his battle with cancer aged just 54, has embarked upon her new venture, Delectation Designs, after being motivated by his last words - do what makes you happy.