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These results indicate that feeding BF-based silage does not deleteriously affect back fat thickness, longissimus muscle area, or marbling score.
It is suggested that, as altered proteins can deleteriously interact with mitochondria, changes in synthesis, or elimination, of cytosolic error-proteins will affect mitochondrial activity.
Mafias (2012) details how standardized Eurocentric history curriculum that only heralds the accomplishments of White Americans deleteriously impacts the development of a healthy understanding of White racial identity.
Despite the numerous procedural errors that have occurred, the town continues to blindly allow this ill-sited project to deleteriously impact the public health, safety and welfare of the people who have made their home on Bearsden Road for years.
The type and availability of prey can (or has the potential to) deleteriously affect reproductive success of Cooper's Hawks.
7,8) In addition, when related to BA, CMV-IgM-positive patients appear to have greater liver damage, consequently affecting outcome deleteriously.
Small amounts of the mother's thyroid hormone do cross the placenta and severe uncontrolled maternal hypothyroidism probably deleteriously affects her children.
A specific genetic variant may be common across all human populations but only deleteriously affect a biological process in the presence of a particular environmental exposure.
found that, once again, PTSD-related symptoms of avoidance, numbing, and hypervigilence can deleteriously affect academic performance [2], and research with adolescents has found associations between PTSD and school truancy and suspensions [39].
The performance of heterogeneous catalysts is deleteriously affected by the deposition of metals and coke mostly from the cracking of the heavy crude oil.
Semen quality is known to be deleteriously affected, for example, with decreased levels of thyroid hormone or changes in prolactin concentration, which can be a side effect of multiple medications (60).
31) The emergence of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant TB in this region during the past decade has, however, deleteriously affected the already alarming morbidity and mortality of HIV-associated TB.