deliberate application

See: care, diligence
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The deliberate application of steps in a repetitious procedure better prepares one for deviations--conditions that need to be addressed immediately or the addition of additional steps if needed without interrupting the routine.
There is no disagreement, just the deliberate application of differing analysis models," Dolan told (http://www.
It found there was "no deliberate application of force by de Bruin's knee" during the restraint.
Through the deliberate application of assets and resources, the dangers of distance were diminished and the intent to keep Soldiers in the fight through the provision of support as far forward as possible was met.
Examination of a selection of shell and bone from archaeological assemblages excavated at Niah Cave and Gua Sireh, both of which are located in Sarawak, Borneo, has revealed the deliberate application of colored material to one or more surfaces.
The current book would have benefited with a more explicit and deliberate application and discussion of the questions within each dimension.
They provide a thoughtful, global perspective to the opportunities and concerns associated with biotechnology and its careful and deliberate application.
But Mr Butler said: 'I have concluded on the totality of the evidence that while I think it probable, that is to say more likely than not, that this fire was begun by deliberate application of a flame to the armchair near to the television .
Happily, Lynch does pay attention to the nondiscursive details of broadcasting such as the staging of Sheen's show; the deliberate application of makeup and the use of lighting to highlight the priest's burning eyes and otherworldliness; his ready humor and impeccable timing; and the curious presence of a stage prop known as Our Lady of Television.
As Neal Gabler says in his new book, ``Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality,'' ``The deliberate application of techniques of theater to politics, religion, education, literature, commerce, warfare, crime, everything, has converted them into branches of show business.
The Tribunal concluded the evidence was too equivocal to satisfy it that the sound Ms T heard was the deliberate application of force by way of slapping, to subdue a resistant resident.