deliberate falsification

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In both cases they blamed a defect in packaging but, having seen the covert filming at a local chicken processing plant showing deliberate falsification of 'use by' dating, I mistrust the supermarket's reasoning.
The bill closes legal loopholes to address the practice of spoofing: deliberate falsification of telephone numbers and/or names through Caller-ID.
These types of systems minimize or eliminate room for human error and deliberate falsification of records.
But if scientific malpractice is as common as Fanelli's analysis suggests, and if the potential rewards of fakery are large enough to justify the relatively small risk of getting caught, stiffer penalties for deliberate falsification are called for, such as fines and exile from the research community.
Another incident related to deliberate falsification of flexi time records and unauthorised use of council vehicles.
The IAA statement dismissed deliberate falsification of the truth and the twisting of facts by some news agencies and channels as unacceptable and unprofessional, contravening claims of impartiality, neutrality and balanced media coverage.
Part of this process has included investigations into the incidents referred to above, which have uncovered evidence of serious criminal activity, including premeditated murder, violent assault on police, civilians and expatriates, blockading of highways, deliberate falsification of injuries, and the propagation of intentionally inflammatory material intended to incite violence.
intelligence agencies turned a blind eye to the forged Niger documents, while ElBaradei's agency, with its limited staff, managed to expose the deliberate falsification.
Summary: Rabat - The Moroccan daily "Al Ahdat Al Maghribiya" decided to sue the Spanish channel "Antena 3" for its deliberate falsification of a crime picture, perpetrated in Casablanca, whose rights are owned by the paper.
The violations include the improper control of radioactive materials while in transport; a failure to report the temporary loss of two sealed radioactive sources; a failure to perform required radiological surveys of vehicles used to transport such materials; and the deliberate falsification of survey records.
He added: "It is not always possible to distinguish between an oversight and deliberate falsification.