deliberate intent

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Perhaps he knew, too, those other thoughts which were in her mind,--knew that it had been her deliberate intent to deceive him, to pluck those secrets which he carried with him, even from his heart
I have little doubt that most of those letting off the fireworks have no idea of the distress they are causing to animals and some humans, and don't do so with deliberate intent to cause fear or panic.
The court concluded that, despite "certain irregularities" in the paperwork and the manner it was compiled, there was no deliberate intent on the part of the accused to secure a town planning permit under false pretences or to conceal the true dimensions of the green area within the land in question.
But there was no deliberate intent on my part and having secured our place in the Final I was devastated to suddenly face the threat of having the biggest game of my life snatched under my nose.
I feel the intensity could only be seen as a deliberate intent to harm his family.
Today's announcement clearly represents Israel's deliberate intent to wipe out any Palestinian presence on the land and to willfully impose a de facto one-state solution," stressed the statement.
who was arrested on April 11 after he fled on foot from officers who wanted to question him about a domestic dispute, said in the lawsuit that police officers in East Point had acted with malice and a deliberate intent to cause grievous bodily injury, pain and death to Towns, New York Times reported.
The fact that it altered the nature of its feeds with the deliberate intent to keep them undercover is a travesty.
However, the prosecution believes there could have been a gap between the first and the following three shots, arguing Pistorius fired with deliberate intent to kill, the report added.
They do not use the term with any deliberate intent to cause offence.
Every move I made was made harder by my deliberate intent to glean something substantial from them.