deliberate malice

See: cruelty
References in classic literature ?
Besides, of all, he has selected my favourite pieces that I love the most to repeat, as if out of deliberate malice.
We could make a system safe against accidents, but we could never make a system safe against deliberate malice.
The spokesman added: "A fire will only break out if somebody starts it, either through carelessness or deliberate malice.
Remember that the complaint could be one of the few resulting from deliberate malice, or on the other hand, could just relate to mistaken perceptions or poor communications on either side.
The author excuses the prejudicial treatment of York by his contemporaries, historians, and novelists as a result of "narrow thinking of earlier times rather than deliberate malice.
If no one is actually to blame insofar as no one acted with deliberate malice, then there are plenty for whom the damning words ``could do much better'', ``doesn't pay attention'' or ``should urgently consider changing courses'' apply all too well.
Before 1995, an employee had to show deliberate malice on the part of a past employer and was faced with the expense and uncertainty of mounting a libel action to redress any alleged shortcomings in a reference.
I don't think there is any deliberate malice, it's just a lack of understanding about what we went through.