deliberate misrepresentation

See: subreption
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Council leader Brendan Toomey wrote on Twitter: "Skint: an outrageous and deliberate misrepresentation of Merthyr Tydfil and the vast majority of decent people who live here.
We believe that the Rainforest Alliance's marketing scheme is a deliberate misrepresentation to consumers," Harrison states.
Their deliberate misrepresentation of the situation on the ground has paved the way for a severe downsizing of UNAMID since April 2012.
Copu, after examining the findings of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India ( CAG) on the issue, said that the Mumbai International Airport Ltd ( MIAL) should be squarely blamed for the highly irregular withdrawals through deliberate misrepresentation of the law, rules and regulations and basic facts from an escrow account which it was operating in fiduciary capacity.
Guido Mollering, a professor of management, defines deception as "the deliberate misrepresentation of an actor's identity, intentions, or behaviors as well as the distortion of any facts relevant to the relationship between actors" (141), although his main concern is with trust.
The quote "models of care are moving away from this" is a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth, used to justify this shameful betrayal.
But the Labour Government's political foes are also guilty of deliberate misrepresentation, sapping the morale of troops on the front line.
This may have been a deliberate misrepresentation of the Tory position, but they were never quite able to shake off the accusation that they were bringing race into the election in an underhand way.
Some of this may be a result of deliberate misrepresentation to win contracts, but there is evidence that optimism bias still plays a role in these poor estimates.
In cross-examination, he told DI Manning: "This was a deliberate misrepresentation.