deliberate study

See: care, diligence
References in classic literature ?
Although much remains obscure, and will long remain obscure, I can entertain no doubt, after the most deliberate study and dispassionate judgment of which I am capable, that the view which most naturalists entertain, and which I formerly entertained--namely, that each species has been independently created--is erroneous.
He seemed to recognize the fact that Aynesworth's retention of his post was due to a desire to make a deliberate study of himself, and while his own attitude remained purely negative, he at no time exhibited any resentment or impatience.
Instead of rushing it over the Filipino people, the deep and long-term ramifications of this tax reform demands that more time be allowed for more deliberate study and analysis.
Instead of rushing it, the deep and long-term ramifications of this tax reform demands that more time be allowed for more deliberate study and analysis.
We believe the best approach toward meeting those goals is to avoid yet another constitutional argument over court rulemaking and to concentrate, instead, on a cooperative yet comprehensive effort among all three branches of government for a careful and deliberate study of our state's post-conviction processes and proceedings.
Subjects stressed that the use of humor is most effective when it is deliberate, but are able to use that deliberate study of humor in a natural way, according to their personality type.
This is far more than a student handbook on familiar novels: the volume as a whole works on several levels, rather as Wharton is supposed to have configured fictions on `women' and `society', texts of finish and poise, out of deliberate study, wide reading, and also the urgency of unfinished business in her own personal history, marital and filial, as well as feminine and American.
We just think there needs to be a more deliberate study before we jump into something that would make it easy.
Atrocities - whether they claim Chinese students, Hutu villagers, or old Bosnian women trying to flee into the woods - should be labeled for the unspeakable evil which they are and, most importantly, should be made the subject of deliberate study in schools.
Amgen, in its testimony, also highlights the potential risks to patient care of prematurely implementing a new payment system that bundles dialysis services with separately billable dialysis drugs without proven and deliberate study and analysis, as is currently mandated.
As currently written and without further deliberate study, The Florida Bar strongly opposes and will advocate against the following legislative bills that would significantly alter Article V of the Florida Constitution and adversely affect the administration of justice in this state: