deliberate thought

See: care, diligence
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But these things with Fred outside them, Fred forsaken and looking sad for the want of her, could never tempt her deliberate thought.
It wasn't a deliberate thought on Bugg's part but after spending so much of the last few years touring, it was clearly something that was on his mind.
Perhaps owing to this failure, Kurzweil spends much of the book suggesting that the features of consciousness he cannot explain--the qualities of the senses and the rest of our felt life and their role in deliberate thought and action--are mostly irrelevant to human cognition.
Motions that we've performed countless times, Maxion says, are governed by motor control, not deliberate thought.
I am a firm believer that deliberate thought can bring about powerful effects in all areas of life and I'm looking forward to helping all kinds of people, not just across the North East but worldwide, with their individual situations.
Cultural awareness is a deliberate thought process whereby one appreciates and is sensitive to the values, beliefs, practices, and problem-solving strategies of others.
Each behavior, each conscious and deliberate thought, is a bit of tarmac on that trail.
Suffice it to say that bringing family members into the business is a process, (much more challenging than hiring an unrelated employee), that requires deliberate thought, planning and communication.
This method enables you to get the shotgun into action quickly, but manipulating the cocked action and engaged safety requires deliberate thought and practice.
But there is good news: This is a great time for accountants who may have considered a career in academics to give it some deliberate thought.
This is not the time for impulsive gestures but rather slow and deliberate thought before making a decision.
Today, managers and employees alike are accustomed to exchanging mountains of documents electronically, often in haste, and without deliberate thought about the legality of the transmission.