deliberately avoid

See: shun
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PRESENT political commentators deliberately avoid telling the voters the full truth about the conflict in 1911 between Commons and Lords.
The general dirtiness of the places brings the whole experience down, and it's even got to a point that when we have friends visiting from other parts of the country we deliberately avoid taking them to avoid embarrassing our city.
Part of the Tilbury House Nature Book series of picturebooks that educate as well as entertain, and deliberately avoid anthropomorphizing animal characters, Swimming Home is a story about river herring (commonly known as "alewives"), who must migrate from saltwater to freshwater in order to spawn.
Rosberg may have apologised for his act of indiscretion last time out in Belgium when he chose to deliberately avoid pulling out of crashing into Hamilton, so turning up the wick on their season-long feud.
New legislation introduced to Federal Parliament today will close a loophole that allows people to deliberately avoid prosecution by slightly changing the chemical structure of an illicit drug so it can be legally imported into our country.
At the same time we need to remind all protestors that if the government took action on the multinational corporations like Starbucks, Google Vodafone etc who deliberately avoid paying their taxes (estimated PS120 billion every year) there would be no need to sack one nurse, sack one doctor or close any hospital.
And to select a route to deliberately avoid areas where casualties might be seen is a serious mistake.
Security measures that focus on specific tactics or targets are a waste of money unless we guess correctly, and the terrorists choose plots that deliberately avoid our guesses.
FIND myself avoiding customers as I know I'll struggle to hear them - this is making me wonder if I really did have a hearing problem how hard would it be to work effectively and would I deliberately avoid 'social situations' and so miss out.
I guess you could say I deliberately avoid it," he said.
When I teach the Gothic novel, however, I deliberately avoid providing students with any one definition of the term.
One senior UN official said: "We deliberately avoid using words like massacre, which have a high emotional charge, but no agreed definition.