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Much of the singing in the show is off-key, but with a perceived deliberateness that avoids professional slickness.
Rick McCubbin, chief of police for Bardstown, said he was enraged over the ambush that killed one of his cops, pointing to the deliberateness of the attack.
I like to write poems on the typewriter; I like the slowness and the deliberateness of that process.
In the past, there was some thought given to my teaching techniques but not with the deliberateness I have now," he said.
However, not only do we not know that they did this deliberately, they also do not express any deliberateness in using that method because it was used by the Framers.
In its creative treatment of various passages from the novel, in its deliberateness and willingness to contrive images that complicate and even disrupt the plot's flow, the film constructs a subtly complex perspective on Gyorgy's experiences, honoring their impressionistic poignancy more than their traumatic obscenity.
He rises, not in revulsion, but with menacing deliberateness, emphatically smashing the serpent's head under the heel of his sandal while staring down the Devil.
feel the way you fit together, the bones, flesh," continues to reach for answers in bodily experience, but then breaks down into line-broken deliberateness, asking for sentiment it hasn't earned--"like a husband who knows the / meaning of prognosis, hold her like a husband who can / do nothing.
Apply this to the speed of technology versus the inherent deliberateness of leadership.
Another factor that was considered was good faith on the part of the state's officer, with deliberateness or intent in conducting the violation on the part of the official being a very strong reason to exclude evidence for being collected improperly.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry on April 20 said Erdogan spoke with deliberateness.